Overview Page


Rspress has a built-in preview page, the effect is as follows:

How to use

Generating the preview page requires the following two steps:

1. Create a new directory and configure frontmatter

For example, create the following directories and files

├── docs
│   ├── index.md
│   ├── api
│   │   ├── index.md
│   │   ├── theme
│   │   │  ├── component.mdx
│   │   │  ├── utils.mdx
// ...

We add the following to api/index.md:

overview: true

2. Configuring _meta.json

The content structure of the preview page will be automatically generated according to _meta.json and the corresponding h1, h2 titles of the article. For example, the configuration of api/_meta.json is as follows:

    "type": "dir",
    "name": "theme",
    "label": "Theme"

At the same time, the file api/theme/_meta.json has the following content:

["component", "utils"]

The detailed configuration usage of _meta.json can be referred to Auto Nav/Sidebar.

In the above configuration, the final preview page will generate a group called Theme, which contains the h1, h2 titles of two articles: component.md(x) and utils.md(x). Of course, you can also refer to the config of the Theme group to add more groups.