Home Page

You can define the content of the Home page through frontmatter, see FrontMatter Config for detailed types. Here is a simple example:

pageType: home

  name: Rspress
  text: A documentation solution
  tagline: A modern documentation development technology stack
    - theme: brand
      text: Introduction
      link: /en/guide/introduction
    - theme: alt
      text: Quick Start
      link: /en/guide/getting-started

  - title: 'MDX Support'
    details: MDX is a powerful way to write content. You can use React components in Markdown.
    icon: 📦
  - title: 'Feature Rich'
    details: Out of box support for i18n, full-text search etc.
    icon: 🎨
  - title: 'Customizable'
    details: You can customize the theme ui and the build process.
    icon: 🚀